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Monday, March 29, 2010

writing practice...

hoho...this is my 1st post fully in English...
hmm, here i would like 2 share my something i have learned by not coming 2 class...lala~
this is one word that i started to like, "noise" and i used it frequent recently.
from what i learned in CPT344, Noise is some sort of like unwanted pixels in image.
noise usually occurs in picture that you capture (during night time especially) using any low resolution camera without flash.
you can see, maybe like blue dots in the picture.
that is what we call "noise".
however, the word "noise" does not only used in one area.
noise also occurs in sound,
from this perspective, noise is considered as some what disturbance in the sound,
due to the waves that travel are not smooth..
often occurs while you are listening to radios and so fort.

from above, we can say that noise = disturbance/unwanted thing...
now, from my very own perspective,
i like to use the word "noise" as i encounter something that i don't want or something that is not good for me...(well, at least not good for that particular time)
for example, when i'm doing assignment, if my brain(or maybe my head) suddenly change its mood, i would probably switch to doing something else such as run game application, double-click at browser's shortcut.
this is what i call by noise wave that is affecting me...
in this state, my brain is like stop functioning for a while, and i am not sure why?

well, now...
i cannot say to much about me, or it will not be secret anymore...haha..
well, other things that are happening to me recently is that i often feels that my life in present is affecting my past.
don't get confuse, the usual case is the past that is affecting the present.
but in my case, the present is affecting the past.
it's not a big deal actually,
but it just makes me feel like i am starting to forget my past.
i can hardly remember how is my life before...
since that this situation is kinda complicated, i am not sure whether i want to use the word noise for this case also or not...haha.
but seriously, if anyone have any opinion about my problems,
please kindly comment...

CPT344 - computer vision & image processing
opinion - your point of view...huhu
comment - one thing that you should do after reading this post

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